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The Intricacies of Accumulation

Manufacturers use accumulator conveyors to move a wide variety of products horizontally and vertically throughout their plants. An accumulator is any piece of equipment that allows product to amass in a production line so that upstream machines or operators can continue to function while downstream machines or operators are off line for whatever purpose. To view the entire article click here

Conveyors Remain a Vital Link to Efficiency

ASSEMBLY has been keeping engineers up to speed on the latest conveyor technology since it debuted. Fifty years ago, most conveyors consisted of belts, chains and rollers. Modular conveyors, skillet conveyors, self-propelled conveyors, automated guided vehicles and other material handling technology commonly found on plant floors today did not exist. To view the entire article click here

Conveyors and Lean Manufaturing

Despite the popularity of manual work cells and "less is more" thinking, powered conveyors can still play a role in a lean manufacturing environment. To view the entire article click here


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