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ACS FLEX Automation Conveying Systems
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Flexlink Conveyors

FlexLink standard conveyors
Together, the FlexLink standard conveyor product lines cover a wide range of applications. Multiflexing conveyor systems XS, XL, XM, XH, XK, and XB use plastic chains in many configurations. The chain design permits horizontal as well as vertical change of direction. Chain widths range from 44 mm up to 295 mm, for product widths up to 400 mm. Each system consists of a wide range of modular components which can be fitted using simple hand tools.
Conveyor structures built from aluminium beams with standardized T-slots simplify attachment of components and accessories.

Pallet handling products
Catalogue section Pallet handling components (XL/XM/ XK) contains special products for pallet handling, including pallets, pallet locating stations, pallet stop cylinders and oallet transfer stations. The systems are based on conveyor components from the standard conveyor line. The XK oallet handlina system also includes divert1 merge devices for easy transfer of pallets between conveyors.

Guide rail components
Catalogue section Guide rail components deals with various types of guide rails and guide rail support components. Those products are used with several of the FlexLink conveyor systems. A number of pre-designed guide rail structures are shown as examples.

Conveyor support components
The FlexLink conveyors are held in place by a well balanced range of support components, with beam support brackets, support beams, feet, etc. A number of pre-designed support structures are shown as examples.

Series X stainless steel conveyor systems
XL, XM and XH conveyors Series X are stainless steel designs adapted to the requirements of the food processing, pharmaceutical and hygiene industries. Standard FlexLink plastic chains are used.

NEW! Modular conveyor system EM
EM modular system has a compact design that is especially well suited for light applications in the packaging industry. The modular concept includes four different modules, which allows simplified engineering and ordering as well as reduced assembly time.

Modular pallet conveyor system XT
The modular twin-track pallet conveyor system XT is well suited for manual and automatic assembly and test systems in the automotive and electrical/electronics industries. It can handle square and rectangular pallets from 240 mm x 240 mm up to 640 mm x 640 mm.

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